Tax Season begins January 28th, and as of Tuesday, January 15, 2019, according to Michael Cohn of Accounting Today, the IRS released a revised Shutdown Contingency Plan calling for more than 46,000 IRS employees to return to work to prepare for Tax Filing Season, with the majority of them being unpaid until the partial government shutdown ends.

The union representing IRS employees is protesting the plan to call back workers without paying them, filing a lawsuit, saying that “the Executive Branch cannot continue to force more and more employees to show up in exchange for just an IOU”.  In the lawsuit, the Union alleges that the action “violates the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution, which does not allow the government to obligate funds that have not been appropriated by Congress”.  The judge in the case denied the union’s request for an immediate temporary restraining order, with a hearing in the case scheduled for January 31.

And the beat goes on!